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Tokuyama Chemicals (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd, (TCC) which is located in Zhapu Development Zone Zhejiang Province in China, was solely owned by Japanese Chemical Company (Tokuyama Corporation).  The factory area is 150000m2, and so far the total amount of investment is 112,900,000 US dollars and the registration capital is 51,600,000 US dollars. Our main product is fumed silica licensed by Tokuyama Corporation and the annual amount of production capacity is 11,200 tons.
Fumed Silica
Introduction: Reolosil is manufactured by controlled combustion of highly purified chlorosilanes with oxygen and hydrogen.High purity inorganic powder which aggregates are formed by 3-dimentional structure on the basis of primary particles ranging from 5 to 50 nm diameter.
Application: Thickening and thixotropic agent for liquid resin, free flow agent for powder, reinforcing for elastomers etc.
Tetrachlorosilane STC
Introduction: Introduction: high purity SiCL4 is manufactured by using unique technique developed by TCC, which is with a pungent odour and easy to deliquesce.
Application: High purity STC offers many different applications such as the optical fibers, polycrystalline silicon and high purity quartz glasses.
Trichlorosilane TCS
Introduction: Trichlorosilane(TCS) is also called silyl trichloride,silicochloroform. TCS is manufactured by controlled reaction of high purified hydrogen chloride with metal silicon in a certain temperature and pressure,through cooling、gather、rectification. TCS is easy to volatile and deliquescent. The purity of TCS is more than 99.99% and the metal impurity is less than 10ppbwt.
Application: Quartz glass,optical fiber perform,solar cell
Hydrochloric acid
Introduction: Hydrochloric acid is one by-product when TCC manufactured fumed silica.
Application: Water treatment agent Acid washing
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